First time was painless.
Have read a lot about overclocking and had always wanted to try it. I don't play games so I just wanted to do it for the challenge. I had read about how difficult it was to do it right and how it could potentially damage your computer. I was hooked.So I tried several programs including AMD Overdrive-which was the easiest of all, but I learned nothin'-and they were all a pain to use. RivaTuner, ironically, looked and was at first very complicated. But only because I couldn't find the start button. Once I did, it was a piece of cake. In the process I learned a bit about my computer's internal working's which I felt was the best thing about RivaTuner.It's an easy program to use and makes overclocking your GPU easy as pie.
Good product. Easily recommended.
Pros: Easy to learn
Storing different clock settings
Cons: User interface could be less convoluted.